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Newsletter for March 2021


  • Tuition is due by March 7th, by 8:00 p.m.
  • Bathrooms are just for emergencies, they must be wiped down and cleaned after each use; so please have your child use the bathroom prior to coming to class, this applies to siblings and adults as well.

Spring Break will be March 29th – April 2nd. Classes will resume on Easter Monday, April 5th (even though the schools are closed in St. Mary’s County).

Most costumes have arrived, if your child’s costume has not arrived, it should arrive within the next couple of weeks. Please have your child try on the costume immediately to be sure it fits.

RECITAL: I’m working diligently on trying to find a venue for the recital. Due to the pandemic, there are many restrictions right now, and I’m hoping that as numbers improve our options may expand so I’m trying to wait for a few more weeks before settling on a venue that may not be the best choice due to so many restrictions. I’m trying to keep it to the mid June time frame, but until we find a venue it’s hard to specifically know the date. I’m trying to have patience, and I ask that you have patience too. I hope that when spring break is over, we’ll know the venue and date of the recital. As soon as a venue is determined, that will dictate our budget, then I can let you know what the family recital fee will be. The recital fee per family will help pay for expenses (rent, technicians, lighting, etc.) The past couple of years the fee was $65 per family. This will also allow for at least two parents to come to the recital, and our hope is that it will be live-streamed again this year. More details will be forthcoming. Thanks for understanding. This year part of the cost of the recital fee will be to pay for everyone to have a link to the recital. Each year the recital fee may change, it all depends on the venue and the expenses. We do it this way vs. selling tickets so that every family can be assured at least two tickets to the recital. In the past, prior to the pandemic, there were no restrictions on the capacity, but now, with the pandemic, venues are restricting numbers that can be at a venue, inside and out.

We feel that your children are making progress and it is our goal for each child to feel happy and poised about his/her routine. So, I can’t emphasize enough that it is only through practice that your child will have good self-esteem and be self-confident about his/her routine. So please encourage your child to practice at least 15 minutes each day.

If you have any concerns, feel free to email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you! Happy Easter and enjoy your spring break.

  Tappin’ soul to sole,
  Ms. Gracie