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Newsletter for April 2021

Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Spring Break! Now it's time to start focusing on our recital. I'm still finalizing everything, but after months of trying to secure a venue at no avail, the St. Mary's County Fairgrounds is willing to let us rent their auditorium for the recital. The dates are June 18th and 19th. A line up of the shows and other important recital information and rehearsal dates will be emailed to you hopefully by April 8th as we should know more details by that date! The church we rented last year was not available this year unfortunately.

Renting a venue, bringing in stage lights, sound, and having the shows professionally video taped is costly. As soon as I know all the expenses I can determine what the family recital fee will be this year. In past years it has been $65, and that did not include a DVD which cost $40 per DVD which was a separate charge from the recital fee. Last year was the exception, since the church we rented had the capability to video tape. This year, Coastal Studio Productions will be video taping. The digital links to all the recitals will be emailed to everyone, and the fee to receive these links will be added to the recital fee. Once you receive the links a few weeks after the recital, you can easily share them with your family and friends, since this year, due to Covid restrictions, we can only allow two spectators per family to attend the recital. Coastal will try to live-stream but wifi at the Fairgrounds is not very good, and a hot spot may not work for long durations. Coastal will try to live-stream but cannot promise anything.

Most costumes have arrived and if your child has not received his/her costume please inquire with your child's teacher about it this week.

The show troupe will be selling trophies and recital tee shirts for their fundraiser, and more information will be emailed to you shortly.

If anyone is, or knows, a graphic artist, that may be interested in designing our recital tee shirt, please have him/her email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Again, please look for a long email with all the recital details and please read it because it should answer all your questions! Hopefully I'll have complete details by April 8th. Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding!

  Ms. Gracie