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Newsletter for January 2021

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope that everyone has a blessed new year!

Costumes have been ordered and should start arriving soon! You will be emailed when your child's class costumes have arrived. Please try the costume on your child immediately and report any problems. If the costume needs to be exchanged there is a $40 fee to do this, and we cannot guarantee the new costume will arrive in time for the recital. You are responsible for any alterations and to hem any costume that needs to be hemmed.

RECITAL: We are hopeful to have a recital mid-June as we always do, but we need to work with the restrictions of the pandemic, and at this time no one can predict what things will be like in June. We are working on this as much as feasible and will keep you informed. Ideally, we'd like to be able to have the recital at a local high school, if this isn't able to happen, we will find other venues so we can have a recital. Have faith! It will happen!

REMEMBER: Tuition is due by the 7th of each month! Put payments in the outside green mailbox that has GRACIE on the side.

Please encourage your child to practice during the week. The teachers are working on choreography and like to move forward each week and can only do so, if the kids practice and are ready for new challenges each week.

In case of snow, we follow the St. Mary's County closing policy, if schools are closed, we close for the evening. If St. Mary's Schools do not close due to virtual classes, then we will send out an email by 2:00 on any given 'snow' day to confirm if classes are being held or canceled as a follow up, and, possibly as the main source of information since we do not know if St. Mary's will close schools at this time due to snow or bad weather.

Again, if you or your child is sick, or has been exposed to COVID, and/or has traveled outside MD, please adhere to the recommendations outlined by Governor Hogan, to quarantine for ten days, and/or get tested, and stay home. The month of January is predicted to be one of the worse months for numbers rising, due to holidays and people traveling, and being around gatherings. The only way we can stay open, is if people adhere to the policies set forth, and care about other people. We are all counting on each other right now, so that the spread doesn't get out of control. Please do your part. It's better for your child to miss one week then to expose everyone, and the threat of having to shut down the studio would exist. Thank you for being honest, careful, and keeping all of us safe at Gracie's! Wear masks inside and outside, wash hands, use sanitizer and keep six feet distance from everyone. Thank you.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.

   Ms. Gracie