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Newsletter for December 2023 

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The Christmas break will be from Tuesday December 19th - Monday January 1st. Classes resume January 2nd.

COSTUME WEEK is December 4th, the last 20-25 minutes of class time, the teacher will open the door and have the parents come in to size and pay for your child's costume. THIS MUST BE DONE the week of Dec. 4th if your child is absent, you can come in the week of December 11th. YOU MUST pay and size your child no later than Thursday December 16th, or your child's costume cannot be ordered. WE ORDER the costumes over the Christmas break. Checks payable to Grace Myles and will not be cashed until Jan. 1st. If your tuition is not up to date we cannot order your child's costume. We only take cash or checks.

Costume money is not refundable. Some costumes REQUIRE that you purchase tights, which are only $10. If in doubt size up. Any exchanges will cost the parent $40.

Please have the costume form filled out as we are on a tight schedule. The forms will be emailed to you. Thanks!

RECITAL DATES are: June 14th and 15th . Dress rehearsal is June 13th . Times to be determined. If your child only takes one class, once a week, she/he will only be in ONE recital.

Tuition is ALWAYS due by the 7th of each month. If your child is absent, tuition is still due by the 7th. There is an outside green mailbox you can drop your tuition in, it is locked. The mailbox is close to the dumpster and has GRACIE and 44150 on the side. If you prefer you can put the tuition payments inside, under the counter in the main lobby.

The studio gives each child a candy cane the last week of class. If your child cannot have a candy cane, please inform us.

BREAKING NEWS! The space of the studio is expanding. The Washington Post has moved out and we are taking over that area! It will be one large room (3,000 square feet) so it will be ideal for a large area to practice routines especially with the larger class sizes.

Starting in January we are really focusing on the recital routines, so we ask that dance becomes a priority and that your child will not miss their weekly class, except of course for sickness.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Tappin' soul to sole,
  Ms. Gracie